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Here at the Fishing Academy we will be practicing the latest CDC Guidelines to ensure safety amongst all participants, staff, and families. That being said, masks and social distancing are required and COVID-19 screening will be performed. If you have any questions regarding these safety measures/ COVID-19 related questions and concerns please contact John Hoffman, the Director of The Fishing Academy, at 617-782-2614 or email

Mandatory COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

General Safety Protocols

  •  Health screening is required for all participants (youth, volunteers and staff) to screen them for COVID-19 symptoms. Any youth, volunteer, or staff responding positively to any of the health checks will not be permitted to participate. Responses will be recorded and maintained on file.

  • Symptoms to monitor include the following: Fever (100.4° Fahrenheit or higher), chills or shaking chills, cough (not due to other known cause, such as a chronic cough), difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, headache when in combination with other symptoms, muscle or body aches, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, fatigue, when in combination with other symptoms, nasal congestion or runny nose.

  • Temperature checks may be administered upon arrival.

  • Questions to ask are the following: Has there been close contact or are you residing in the same

        household as someone who has tested positive for COVID-19? Have you been told to isolate by a

        doctor or are you a contact tracer? Are you currently awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test that

        is not part of routine surveillance testing? Have you had recent travel outside of MA?

  • Masks are required at all times, except when eating or drinking.

  • Face coverings that are not secured at the bottom, like bandanas, are not permitted.

  • Parents should send youth with an additional mask.

  • Social distancing at 6 feet is required at all possible times.

  • Before participation, youth, staff, and volunteers are required to complete a virtual training or

       orientation on COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.

  • Direct service staff are tested for COVID-19 once a month.

Hygiene and Hand washing

  • Participants are required to sanitize or wash their hands before and after activities, and before eating, at The Fishing Academy meeting site and at the activity location, and whenever equipment is shared.

  • Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol may be used at times when hand washing is not available. Parents are encouraged to send youth with their own sanitizer; however, The Fishing Academy will have hand sanitizer, on transportation vehicles, and at the activity site.

  • The Fishing Academy will have additional face masks for youth, staff, and volunteers in case someone does not have one or one becomes soiled during the day.

In the Case of Illness

  • Staff actively monitor youth throughout the day for health concerns and COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Parents or guardians must be available by phone during program hours in case the youth need to

       be picked up for medical reasons.

  • If a youth, volunteer, or staff becomes ill during a trip, they will be removed from group and

       transportation arrangements will be made for their departure.

  • Youth, staff and volunteers must not have a fever or symptoms for 24 full hours before returning

       to the program and must provide a negative COVID-19 test.

  • Guardians should report COVID-19 cases to John Hoffman the Director of The Fishing Academy

       at, immediately.


COVID-19 Diagnosis

  • If a youth, staff or volunteer is diagnosed with or test positive for COVID-19, they should remain in isolation until a doctor or public health authority confirms they may leave their home. This time period is approximately 10 days.

  • Upon receiving a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, youth, volunteers, and staff should report it immediately to The Fishing Academy. The Fishing Academy's Staff will then immediately contact the Boston Public Health Commission (617-534-5611) regarding any new cases.

  • In addition, The Fishing Academy requires two negative COVID-19 tests, or doctors clearance before returning to programs.

COVID-19 Exposure

  • Youth, staff and volunteers should quarantine if they were exposed to someone with COVID-19 but haven't shown symptoms or had a positive COVID-19 test. If 10 days after your exposure you

       have no symptoms, you can end quarantine. You can end your quarantine after 7 days if you get

       tested and are negative for the virus.

  • Exposure is when a person comes into close contact (less than 6 feet away for more than 15

       minutes) from a person who is positive for COVID-19.

  • If a youth, volunteer or staff is exposed during a Fishing Academy program (at The Fishing Academy meeting site, in the van or other transportation, and/or at the activity site), they will be notified by email and phone, less than 24

       hours after The Fishing Academy staff receive that information.

  • Exposure in any setting, make youth, staff and volunteers ineligible to participate until the 10-day

       quarantine is complete, or 7 day quarantine with a negative test.

Cleaning and Disinfecting ​​

  • All cleaning and sanitation schedules and protocols will be verbally stated during drop off at the Fishing Academy's meeting site upon arrival. 

  • The Fishing Academy’s Van will be cleaned and sanitized both before and after use. This includes all seats, doors, door handles, dashboard, and all driver/passenger instruments. 

  • Cleaning logs will be kept noting the date, time, and scope of the cleaning.

  • Frequent disinfecting of the following heavy traffic and high-touch transit areas will follow the

    above schedule:

  • The Fishing Academy Van 

  • Fishing Rods

  • Fishing Equipment including all items stored in the tackle box including the tackle box itself. 

  • In the case of a youth, volunteer or staff testing positive for COVID-19, the The Fishing Academy programs will be shut down for sanitation per CDC guidelines.


Sanitizing Products used by The Fishing Academy approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

✓ Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
✓ Microban Sanitizing Spray
✓ Lysol Wipes

✓ Clorox Wipes
✓ Clorox Clean Up Sanitizer

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